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Hudson Name

The name is thought to be English in origin meaning son of Hudde which many believe to be 'hooded man'.  So, basically 'son of the hooded man' whatever that might mean,

Hudson Locations

The name is primarily found in England and in areas colonised by the English.  The first recorded use of the name may be "that of William Hudde, which was dated 1273, in the "Hundred Rolls of Cambridgeshire", during the reign of King Edward 1, known as "The Hammer of the Scots", 1272 - 1307." (Read more:

Hudson DNA Project

Generation 5: William Hudson

Steamboats traveled from Evansville to Cairo, Ill all the time
William Hudson was born circa 1827 in Virginia (1880 Census) or England (1870 Census) or 'At Sea' (1920 Census reply of daughter). The truth of his birth is lost unless DNA testing is done to prove connections to known family groups of Hudsons.

He married a widow or a woman with care of a child  in 1868 in Evansville, Indian:

Emily Jane Kane (name and spelling from marriage record include Kahn, a popular spelling in Evansville but not always elsewhere; 1880 census uses the Kane spelling for her son; her son's death certificate indicates her name as 'Emma Carter', a frequent nickname for Emily based on her  mother's first marriage to a Carter). See the Emily Jane Cain entry for more details.

His children (known from this marriage):

  • Lewis
  • Millie

Emily Jane Cain (1847- unknown)

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Emily Jane Cain Carter Hudson (1847 - ca 1886)

On the 1880 census of Pulaski County, Illinois she is listed as wife of William Hudson with approximate birth date and location.  She is linked to a child identified as a 'step-son'.  In trying to locate this couple on the first census after their marriage in 1868, links to other family were uncovered.

Her mother was Millie Greer Carter Cain and possibly also Parker.  Millie's first husband was named Cullen Wesley Carter.  Her second husband was Lewis Cain (they married in Wayne Co., Ind).

Her children:

  • Robert Carter, 1837 – 
  • John M. Carter, 1838 – 
  • George W Carter, 1841 – 
  • Thomas Benjamin Carter, 1842 – 1919
  • Emily Jane "Emma" Cain, 1847 – 1886
  • Henry Cain, 1848 – 1864
  • Alexander Cain, 1850 – 

On the 1870 Evansville, IL census there is a Thomas Benjamin Carter listed with a Millie Parker and two children, a William Kane and a Benjamin Cain.  In the same location is listed a William Hudson, wife Emma, and son Lewis.

Placing all of this together found that on the 1860 census in Wayne Co., Ind was a Millie, Thomas, Emily, all matching this group. Also listed was a James, aged 8. They are listed as Lailer in most indexed but the writing is faint on the census and it may read something else, or there was another marriage by Millie unknown at this time.

The 1850 census of Wayne Co., Ind shows the following:

Lewis Cain 39
Millie Cain 33
Robert Carter 13
John M Carter 12
Thomas Carter 7
Emely Cain 4
Henery Cain 2
Alexander Cain 0

Hudson - Millie

Millie Hudson James (1874-1942).  She resided at 1111 1/2 Washington Ave. , Cairo, IL for many years.  In 1941 she supplied the witness and signature for a delayed birth certificate for her nephew, Louis Eugene Hudson (son of brother Lewis).


Generation 4: Lewis Hudson

Lewis HUDSON was the son of William Hudson and Emily and was born in Indiana and died in E. St. Louis, Mo.

He married #1: Victoria WATERS
His children : Elizabeth
                    Louis Eugene

He married # 2: Cordelia "Delia" HOLMES
His children:

Hudson - Group

It is not believed Lewis Hudson senior is in this image, however,  his daughter Elizabeth (white), son Jess (back in hat by the door) and soon Louis Eugene (in short pants at front).  The others are believed to be their mother and her relatives.

Hudson -Children

Hudson - Brothers

Louis Eugene HudsonJesse Hudson

Generation 3: Jesse Hudson

Jesse (sometimes written and said as 'Jess') HUDSON was born in Villa Ridge, Pulaski Co., IL and died in Bristow, Creek, Oklahoma.  He was the son of Lewis HUDSON and Victoria WATERS.

He married a widow named Effie Algerty Conner (nee RAY).

His children were:
Freeman Conner, stepson
Marvin Jesse Hudson
Curtis Ray Hudson



Jess Hudson, wife Effie and her parents.


Curtis Ray HUDSON was the son of Jesse HUDSON and Effie Algerty RAY and was born in Bristow, Creek, Oklahoma and died in Cochise County, Arizona.

He married Virginia Mae MOORE.

He had three children.