Friday, April 8, 2011

Generation 5: William Hudson

Steamboats traveled from Evansville to Cairo, Ill all the time
William Hudson was born circa 1827 in Virginia (1880 Census) or England (1870 Census) or 'At Sea' (1920 Census reply of daughter). The truth of his birth is lost unless DNA testing is done to prove connections to known family groups of Hudsons.

He married a widow or a woman with care of a child  in 1868 in Evansville, Indian:

Emily Jane Kane (name and spelling from marriage record include Kahn, a popular spelling in Evansville but not always elsewhere; 1880 census uses the Kane spelling for her son; her son's death certificate indicates her name as 'Emma Carter', a frequent nickname for Emily based on her  mother's first marriage to a Carter). See the Emily Jane Cain entry for more details.

His children (known from this marriage):

  • Lewis
  • Millie

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