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Emily Jane Cain (1847- unknown)

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Emily Jane Cain Carter Hudson (1847 - ca 1886)

On the 1880 census of Pulaski County, Illinois she is listed as wife of William Hudson with approximate birth date and location.  She is linked to a child identified as a 'step-son'.  In trying to locate this couple on the first census after their marriage in 1868, links to other family were uncovered.

Her mother was Millie Greer Carter Cain and possibly also Parker.  Millie's first husband was named Cullen Wesley Carter.  Her second husband was Lewis Cain (they married in Wayne Co., Ind).

Her children:

  • Robert Carter, 1837 – 
  • John M. Carter, 1838 – 
  • George W Carter, 1841 – 
  • Thomas Benjamin Carter, 1842 – 1919
  • Emily Jane "Emma" Cain, 1847 – 1886
  • Henry Cain, 1848 – 1864
  • Alexander Cain, 1850 – 

On the 1870 Evansville, IL census there is a Thomas Benjamin Carter listed with a Millie Parker and two children, a William Kane and a Benjamin Cain.  In the same location is listed a William Hudson, wife Emma, and son Lewis.

Placing all of this together found that on the 1860 census in Wayne Co., Ind was a Millie, Thomas, Emily, all matching this group. Also listed was a James, aged 8. They are listed as Lailer in most indexed but the writing is faint on the census and it may read something else, or there was another marriage by Millie unknown at this time.

The 1850 census of Wayne Co., Ind shows the following:

Lewis Cain 39
Millie Cain 33
Robert Carter 13
John M Carter 12
Thomas Carter 7
Emely Cain 4
Henery Cain 2
Alexander Cain 0

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